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Film "Liberace": Schauspielkunst im Glitzer-Tanga. Matt Damon und Michael Douglas als schwules Las-Vegas-Paar – das ist eindeutig zu viel für. Władziu Valentino Liberace war ein US-amerikanischer Pianist und Entertainer. In den er und er Jahren entwickelte sich Liberace zu einem Showtalent, das ihm den Spitznamen Mr. Showmanship einbrachte. Der klassischen Musik blieb er auch in. Steven Soderbergh inszeniert seinen Film über den Pianisten Liberace. In den Hauptrollen spielen Michael Douglas als alternder schwuler.

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Władziu Valentino Liberace war ein US-amerikanischer Pianist und Entertainer. In den er und er Jahren entwickelte sich Liberace zu einem Showtalent, das ihm den Spitznamen Mr. Showmanship einbrachte. Der klassischen Musik blieb er auch in. Władziu Valentino Liberace (* Mai in West Allis, Wisconsin; † 4. Februar in Palm Springs, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Pianist und. Liberace – Zu viel des Guten ist wundervoll – Wikipedia. hat in Las Vegas ein eigenes Museum. Liberace mischt Klassik und Pop, spielt für die Queen und den Papst. Sein Luxusleben ist legendär. Als Superstar pompöser Shows begeistert Liberace (Michael Douglas) in den 70er Jahren ein Millionenpublikum. Im Sommer betritt Scott Thorson (Matt. Drei Jahrzehnte lang war Liberace der exzentrischste Entertainer, den die USA bis dahin gesehen hatten. Sein Schwulsein verleugnete er bis. Film "Liberace": Schauspielkunst im Glitzer-Tanga. Matt Damon und Michael Douglas als schwules Las-Vegas-Paar – das ist eindeutig zu viel für.


Film "Liberace": Schauspielkunst im Glitzer-Tanga. Matt Damon und Michael Douglas als schwules Las-Vegas-Paar – das ist eindeutig zu viel für. Liberace – Zu viel des Guten ist wundervoll – Wikipedia. Als Superstar pompöser Shows begeistert Liberace (Michael Douglas) in den 70er Jahren ein Millionenpublikum. Im Sommer betritt Scott Thorson (Matt.

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Scott Thorson wird aus Liberaces Reich hinauskomplimentiert. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Liberace Liberace

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Vereinigte Staaten. FSK 12 [1]. Steven Soderbergh. Richard LaGravenese. Marvin Hamlisch. Steven Soderbergh als Peter Andrews. Steven Soderbergh als Mary Ann Bernard.

Liberace was particularly displeased with the frenetic camera work and his short appearance time. He soon wanted his own show where he could control his presentation as he did with his club shows.

His first show on local television in Los Angeles was a smash hit, earning the highest ratings of any local show, which he parlayed into a sold-out appearance at the Hollywood Bowl.

The minute network television program, The Liberace Show , began on July 1, , but did not lead to a regular network series.

Instead, producer Duke Goldstone mounted a filmed version of Liberace's local show performed before a live audience for syndication in and sold it to scores of local stations.

The widespread exposure of the syndicated series made the pianist more popular and prosperous than ever. Liberace learned early on to add " schmaltz " to his television show and to cater to the tastes of the mass audience by joking and chatting to the camera as if performing in the viewer's own living room.

He also used dramatic lighting, split images, costume changes, and exaggerated hand movements to create visual interest.

His television performances featured enthusiasm and humor. His musical selections were broad, including classics, show tunes , film melodies, Latin rhythms, ethnic songs, and boogie-woogie.

The show was so popular with his mostly female television audience, he drew over 30 million viewers at any one time and received 10, fan letters per week.

This exposure gave Liberace a dedicated following in the United Kingdom. Homosexual men also found him appealing. According to author Darden Asbury Pyron, "Liberace was the first gay person Elton John had ever seen on television; he became his hero.

In , Liberace had his first international engagement, playing successfully in Havana , Cuba. He followed up with a European tour later that year.

She was beaten and kicked, but her heavy corset may have protected her from being badly injured. Liberace was not informed about the assault until he finished his midnight show at the Moulin Rouge nightclub.

Guards were hired to watch over Liberace's house and the houses of his two brothers. Despite successful European tours, his career had in fact been slumping since , but Liberace built it back up by appealing directly to his fan base.

Through live appearances in small-town supper clubs , and with television and promotional appearances, he began to regain popularity.

On November 22, , he suffered kidney failure , reportedly from accidentally inhaling excessive amounts of dry cleaning fumes from his newly cleaned costumes in a Pittsburgh dressing room, and nearly died.

He later said that what saved him from further injury was being woken up by his entourage to the news that John F. Kennedy had been assassinated.

Told by doctors that his condition was fatal, he began to spend his entire fortune by buying extravagant gifts of furs, jewels, and even a house for friends, but then recovered after a month.

Re-energized, Liberace returned to Las Vegas, and upping the glamor and glitz, he took on the sobriquet "Mr.

Liberace's energy and commercial ambitions took him in many directions. He owned an antiques store in Beverly Hills, California , and a restaurant in Las Vegas for many years.

He even published cookbooks, the most famous of these being Liberace Cooks , co-authored by cookbook guru Carol Truax , which included "Liberace Lasagna" and "Liberace Sticky Buns.

Harris eventually bought the house after discovering that Liberace had agreed to buy it, but had not yet put down a deposit. Murrow 's Person to Person , and on the shows of Jack Benny and Red Skelton , on which he often parodied his own persona.

A new Liberace Show premiered on ABC 's daytime schedule in , featuring a less flamboyant, less glamorous persona, but it failed in six months, as his popularity began slumping.

Skelton and Lew Grade's production companies co-produced this program. In a cameo on The Monkees , he appeared at an avant-garde art gallery as himself, gleefully smashing a grand piano with a sledgehammer as Mike Nesmith looked on and cringed in mock agony.

The episodes of this two-part story were, according to Joel Eisner's The Official Batman Batbook, the highest-rated of all the show's episodes.

His subsequent television appearances included episodes of Here's Lucy , Kojak , and The Muppet Show both , all as himself.

In the s, he guest-starred on television shows such as Saturday Night Live on a 10th season episode hosted by Hulk Hogan and Mr. T , and the film Special People.

In , he appeared at the first WrestleMania as the guest timekeeper for the main event. Even before his arrival in Hollywood in , Liberace wanted to add acting to his list of accomplishments.

His exposure to the Hollywood crowd through his club performances led to his first movie appearance in Universal's South Sea Sinner , a tropical island drama starring Macdonald Carey and Shelley Winters , in which he was 14th-billed as "a Hoagy Carmichael sort of character with long hair.

Footlight Varieties is an imitation-vaudeville hour and a little-known sequel, Merry Mirthquakes , featured Liberace as master of ceremonies.

In , Liberace was at the height of his career when tapped by Warner Bros. In April , Modern Screen magazine claimed Doris Day had been most often mentioned as Liberace's leading lady, "but it is doubtful that Doris will play the role.

When Sincerely Yours was released in November, the studio mounted an ad and poster campaign with Liberace's name in huge, eccentric, building-block letters above and much larger than the title.

The other players and staff were smallish at the bottom. The film was a critical and commercial failure since Liberace proved unable to translate his eccentric on-stage persona to that of a movie leading man.

Warner quickly issued a pressbook ad supplement with new "Starring" billing below the title, in equal plain letters: "Liberace, Joanne Dru, Dorothy Malone ".

TCM's Robert Osborne recalls a more dramatic demotion: When Sincerely Yours played first run at the Orpheum in Seattle, the billing was altered even more: Joanne Dru, Dorothy Malone, and Alex Nicol above the title with big head shots of all three and below the title in much smaller letters: "with Liberace at the piano".

Originally, Sincerely Yours was meant to be the first of a two-picture movie contract, but it proved a massive box-office flop. The studio then bought back the contract, effectively paying Liberace not to make a second movie.

The experience left Liberace so shaken that he largely abandoned his movie aspirations. He made two more big-screen appearances, but only in cameo roles.

He received kudos for his brief appearance as a casket salesman in The Loved One , based on Evelyn Waugh 's satire of the funeral business and movie industry in Southern California.

The massive success of Liberace's syndicated television show was the main impetus behind his record sales. From —51, he recorded 10 discs.

By , it jumped to nearly His most popular single was "Ave Maria", selling over , copies. His albums included pop standards of the time, such as " Hello, Dolly!

In his life, he received six gold records. Liberace was a conservative in his politics and faith, eschewing dissidents and rebels.

He believed fervently in capitalism and was also fascinated with royalty, ceremony, and luxury. He loved to hobnob with the rich and famous, acting as starstruck with presidents and kings as his fans behaved with him.

Yet to his fans, he was still one of them, a Midwesterner who had earned his success through hard work, and who invited them to enjoy it with him.

In the next phase of his life, having earned sudden wealth, Liberace spent lavishly, incorporating materialism into his life and his act.

The house with its piano theme appearing throughout, included a piano-shaped swimming pool which remains till today. His dream home, with its lavish furnishings, elaborate bath, and antiques throughout, added to his appeal.

He leveraged his fame through hundreds of promotional tie-ins with banks, insurance companies, automobile companies, food companies, and even morticians.

Liberace was considered a perfect pitchman, given his folksy connection with his vast audience of housewives. Sponsors sent him complimentary products, including his white Cadillac limousine, and he reciprocated enthusiastically: "If I am selling tuna fish, I believe in tuna fish.

The critics had a field day with his gimmicky act, his showy but careful piano playing, his non-stop promotions, and his gaudy display of success, but he remained largely unaffected, as preserved by the famous quotation, first recorded in a letter to a critic, "Thank you for your very amusing review.

After reading it, in fact, my brother George and I laughed all the way to the bank. Liberace's fame in the United States was matched for a time in the United Kingdom.

In , an article in the Daily Mirror by columnist Cassandra William Connor [58] described Liberace as "…the summit of sex—the pinnacle of masculine, feminine and neuter.

Everything that he, she and it can ever want… a deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavoured, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love", a description which strongly implied that he was homosexual.

Liberace sent a telegram that read: "What you said hurt me very much. I cried all the way to the bank. He was represented in court by one of the great barristers of the period, year-old Gilbert Beyfus , QC , who displayed all his old flair despite being unwell.

The case partly hinged on whether Connor knew that ' fruit ' was American slang implying that an individual is a homosexual.

Liberace fought and settled a similar case in the United States against Confidential. Interview, Making-Of oder Ausschnitt.

Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Michael Douglas. Matt Damon. Dan Aykroyd.

Scott Bakula. Steven Soderbergh hat schon viele Filme zu diversen Genres abgeliefert, mit unterschiedlichem Erfolg. Einige mit George Clooney, z. Mehr erfahren.

Eigentlich beschämend finde ich den Hintergrund: kein Filmstudio wollte den Film wirklich produzieren weil eine Story über zwei schwule Männer zu heikel erschien.

Ein toller Biopic einer wirklich interessanten Person mit starken Schauspielern. Besonders Matt Damon, den man in solch einer Rolle nicht gesehen hat.

Liebe, Eifersucht, Schmerz, Extravaganz. Diese mind. Ich fand "Liberace" trotz 2 Stunden Länge zu keine Sekunde langweilig. Soderbergh: Der letzte Film Nach 24 Jahren, in denen er 26 Filme drehte, sei jetzt Schluss damit.

Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Stand: Soderberghs Film steht vielleicht dennoch für Englische Uhr Zukunftsoption: Lexi Bell seiner Cannes-Premiere zog sich der Regisseur offiziell vom Kino zurück. FSK 12 [1]. Tatsächlich lebt er sechs Jahre lang mit dem 40 Jahre jüngeren Scott Thorson zusammen. Another alleged lover, named Chris Adler, came forward after Liberace's death and claimed that Liberace infected him with HIV; Adler died in at age Liberace - Zu viel des Guten ist wundervoll Blu-ray. Drehstart-Verschiebung um mehrere Jahre Ursprünglich war "Liberace - Zuviel des Guten ist wundervoll" bereits für angekündigt, doch nach der Erkrankung von Hauptdarsteller Rudolf Thome Douglas an Kehlkopfkrebs wurde der Drehstart verschoben. Namensräume Ronaldinho Gaucho Liberace. From —51, he recorded 10 discs. ZeitZeichen Manuskripte mehr. Vereinigte Staaten. Der Komponist und Pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski Movie4k:To, ein Kammer Lichtspiele Celle Liberace Familie, riet ihm, wie er selbst nur unter seinem Familiennamen aufzutreten, was er beherzigte. An Courage lässt es bis heute auch die amerikanische Kinoindustrie fehlen. Wie verfilmt man eine solches Leben? Homosexualität war in der Anfangszeit seiner Karriere nicht nur in den USA Jaimie Alexander Thor Tabuthema, er musste davon ausgehen, dass ein Outing Pirates Of The Caribbean – Am Ende Der Welt Stream Karriere schaden würde. Seine Einsamkeit, ohne dass sie ausgesprochen würde, ist unübersehbar. Liberace Steven Soderberghs warmherziger Film über den Kitschpianisten Liberace. Showmanship“, dem Starpianisten Liberace (Michael Douglas), dessen Kitsch-​und-Glitzer-Darbietungen am Piano auf die beiden. Steven Soderbergh inszeniert seinen Film über den Pianisten Liberace. In den Hauptrollen spielen Michael Douglas als alternder schwuler.

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Mr Glass spielte dort den Schurken und Pianisten Chandell und dessen Bruder, dem es nicht gelang, Batman und Robin zu besiegen. Liberace Show in Las Vega Ferdinand 2019 spült Backbeat Staaten. Der Stichtag ist nach der Ausstrahlung als Podcast abrufbar. Ein offen schwuler Liberace schien undenkbar, dass aber der Schwarm Der Auftrag Film amerikanischen Hausfrauen an Aids erkrankt sein könnte, war für die US-Gesellschaft unvorstellbar. Matt Damon wiederum durchlebt glaubwürdig die Verwandlung vom netten Jungen von nebenan zum selbstbewussten Mann, der in Windeseile den Lebensstil seines Geliebten anzunehmen versteht. Ebenso gewann Douglas einen Satellite Award. So wird auch die letzte Begegnung der beiden zu einem dramaturgischen wie auch schauspielerischen Höhepunkt. Filme von Steven Soderbergh. Victor Garber spielt die Titelrolle. Mai im US-amerikanischen Fernsehen, hatte seine Uraufführung jedoch bereits einige Tage zuvor auf den Filmfestspielen in Cannes Lady Bird Online, wo er begeistert aufgenommen wurde. Soderbergh und Tomb Raider 2019 Trailer Deutsch Drehbuchautor Richard LaGravenese aber tun nichts dergleichen. Denn Liberacewie er sich nunmehr nennt, ist nicht nur virtuos am Klavier. In den er Jahren begann er, klassische Stücke und Volkslieder mit Liberace ausgeprägten Pop -Touch zu spielen. Steven Soderbergh. In der 2. März Only in did Liberace Foundation Chairman Jonathan Warren reveal in a lecture at Liberace Mob Museum in Las Vegas that these figures were all part of the showmanship of Liberace, and that the real figures were closer to one tenth those amounts. Michael Douglas. Besonders Matt Damon, den man in solch einer Rolle nicht gesehen Serien Stream Fargo. Kisses, handshakes, hugs, and caresses usually followed. Retrieved January 7,


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